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Accredited wind resource- and energy yield assessments
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(accredited acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

For the effective planning of your offshore wind farm project, EuroWind provides - based on the internationally accredited model system WIEN - detailed wind resource- and energy yield assessments and optimizes the configuration of your wind farm.

Scope of service
Transformation of a measured wind statistic to the turbine coordinates with the help of the in-house model system WIEN.


For offshore assessments EuroWind statistically evaluates all available wind measure-
ments. In addition, reanalysis data, such as e.g. data of the NCAR/NCEP project, can be consulted in order to determine and complete the existing measuring data (the adjoining figure shows the long term average wind speed of the NCEP reanalysss).

Regional variations of the long-term average wind speeds over the North Sea and the Baltic Sea using the example of NCEP/NCAR reanalyses.
By using the program system WIEN (accredited acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005) it is guaranteed that the model results are best possible adapted to the measuring data in the simulation area and that they correspond to the local conditions of the region even at those places where no long-term wind measuremnts are available. This is achieved by predefining the physical drive mechanisms, such as e.g.
roughness parameterization depending on the sea conditions,
  thermal temperature profile above sea,
  wind statistics from several sites
to the three-dimensional atmospheric flow model as input data.

Since the wind field within offshore wind farms are not only significantly influenced by the local conditions but also by the superimposed synoptic weather conditions, the wind field simulations are being performed for larger areas of about 150 km x 150 km.

Being an active member of the wind expert advisory board of the Bundesverband Windenergie (Federal association of wind energy), wind resource- and energy yield assessments by EuroWind comply with the specifications supplied by the expert advisory board concerning the quality and the scope of wind resource- and energy yield assessments. To our customers this mean approved, bancable results and an increased reliability in planning for the design and financing of wind farms.

Scope of service and advantages of our procedure:
Comparison of different turbine types

Optimization of the hub height

Optimization of the wind farm configuration

Roughness parameterization depending on the sea conditions
Consideration of the thermal layering above sea
Consideration of wind statistics from multiple different sites
Application of an advanced three-dimensional flow model
Exact vertical wind profile also for large hub heights

If we have sparken your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to explain you the specialities and possibilities of our range of services and our internationally accredited offshore assessments in person.

Call +49 221 57 95 60-09 for personal assistence!


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